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Ep. #36: Confederate Monuments are Finally Coming Down. Now What?

June 29, 2020 Antoinette Perez and Lucas Schaefer Season 1 Episode 36
Oh This World
Ep. #36: Confederate Monuments are Finally Coming Down. Now What?
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On today's episode, Antoinette explores ideas that museum curators, journalists and historians have proposed for what to do with Confederate monuments after they've been taken down.

After a brief follow-up on disinformation and social media nonsense, Antoinette leads us into our main topic, starting with examples of controversies over monuments and street names (and more street names) here in Austin. You can find the 2015 University of Texas report on campus statuary that we discuss on today's podcast here.

Guiding the rest of our discussion today: this New York Times piece on finding homes for "toxic monuments," this super informative Q&A with historian Annette Gordon-Reed, and this from the American Alliance of Museums on whether or not museums are the right place for Confederate monuments. We also look at this Atlantic piece by Graeme Wood, who offers a more unconventional solution to the problem.

Your call to action? Keep up to date with what is happening with Confederate monuments in your own community. Get involved in local conversations about what do to next. A key first step: take inventory of monuments displayed in your area, and if you don't know who the person is who is being honored, find out.

This episode was recorded on Monday, June 29, 2020.

Monday follow-up: a new way to mislead!
Confederate monuments: the Austin angle
Once the statues come down, what should we do with them?
Call to action: what you can do