Oh This World

Ep. #33: The Pandemic Is Canceled

June 22, 2020 Antoinette Perez and Lucas Schaefer Season 1 Episode 33
Oh This World
Ep. #33: The Pandemic Is Canceled
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Today Antoinette leads a wide-ranging discussion on political accountability and the conservative obsession with "cancel culture."

First, an announcement: our first season of OH THIS WORLD wraps in less than two weeks, on Friday, July 3rd! We'll be off for the rest of July and back in August with S2.

A few quick follow-ups from previous episodes: Antoinette recommends a recent Roxane Gay column and revisits the question of who *can* fire the police chief, Lucas relays a disturbing story out of #TX21, and we look at the role teenagers played in the low turnout at Trump's rally in Tulsa.

For our main topic, we're talking accountability today: what it is, why it matters, and how we can hold our political leaders accountable. We also explore the related topic of "cancel culture" (which may be just another phrase for holding folks to account).

Among the resources Antoinette references: pieces on "cancel culture" from Religion News and the Spectator. You can find more about the The Civility Project here.

What can you do now?

In the spirit of holding our leaders accountable, Antoinette encourages Texas listeners to join our friends at Indivisible Austin in demanding that AG Ken Paxton drop the Healthcare Repeal Lawsuit. And, as we've said many times before, the time to get involved with a Democratic campaign is now. If you're in the Austin area, check out Wendy Davis in #TX21 and Julie Oliver in #TX25, and get volunteering and donating today!

This episode was recorded on Monday, June 22, 2020.

Monday follow-ups: social media activism, who can fire the police chief?, #TX21 madness, teens take Tulsa
"Cancel culture": what it is, is it real, does it work
Call to action: what you can do