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Ep. #30: Beyond Slacktivism - Effective Social Media Activism

June 15, 2020 Season 1 Episode 30
Oh This World
Ep. #30: Beyond Slacktivism - Effective Social Media Activism
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On this episode, Antoinette takes us through her own evolution in thinking about social media activism, explores the pitfalls of the online life, and unveils her strategy for using social media effectively.

Before we jump into our main topic for the day, a few brief follow-ups from last week: we look at the latest on attempts to hold the Austin Police Department accountable, and offer final thoughts on Kerbey Lane-gate. One essential way for Austinites to make your voices heard when it comes to the police: get in touch with your City Council member and stay in touch, especially while next year's budget is being debated. Find an easy way to do it and what to say here.

Next, Antoinette takes us through her social media evolution. Two resources she found useful in taking her social media game to the next level: this Pew Research piece on "Activism in the Social Media Age," and this NPR interview with Howard Gardner, the author of "Changing Minds."

What can you do now?

1. A quick call to action for allies in the fight for racial justice: follow the example of chef Samin Nosrat and take the next seven days to use social media to amplify Black Americans who are in your field of expertise (Nosrat is using her Instagram to promote and amplify Black chefs).

2. Give your social media activism a tune-up. Strategize about how to post and share with more purpose and intention. Antoinette shares more of what she means by this during the second half of today's episode.

You can also use social media to tell us how it's going. We're on Twitter and Instagram @ohthisworldpod.

This episode was recorded on Monday, June 15, 2020.

Monday follow-ups: holding APD accountable, the final installment of Kerbey Lane-gate (we pray)
Beyond Slacktivism
Antoinette's social media strategy
Call to action: what you can do